About Us

About our Vedamsa Agro

Started our operations in 2015, we are in to Supply chain management of agro commodities including cotton lint, staples, pulses and others. In August 2017 there was a paradigm shift in the thought process to execute rural supply chains across agro commodities spectrum

Approximately 60% of India’s population is rural & 800 million people is expected to live in rural India in the 2040-50s making rural supply chains in India the next big opportunity. We strongly believe inclusive innovation combined with efficient agro commodities supply chain services models at rural level would yield significant results in making diversified goods accessible affordable to rural consumers.

There are 3.5 Million rural retails connects in India which are not covered by active distribution and core supply chains is what drives us constantly innovate & execute transparent, efficient, and viable rural supply chain models which has market potential of $50 bn for setting up of last mile distribution centers in India.

Our Supply chain integration program at rural areas, distributing all major agro commodities to rural retail outlets has started in August 2017 with an aim to eliminate the intermediaries and integrate processors with rural connects directly there by passing the price benefits to the rural consumers and making them accessible to wide and diversified product range. In a span of 120 days we have reached close to 450 villages and 1500 retail outlets across 10 clusters in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. We intend to reach 5000 Villages, 20,000 retail outlets with more than 500 Commodities in supply chain basket by 2022 across all potential states in India


Mission: To empower stakeholders with value added supply chain portfolios with products catalogue across rural and remote areas


Vision: To be the most trusted and innovative rural supply chain partner across the diversified product portfolios by integrating processor and consumer with efficient and simplified supply chain management systems